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Stained Glass

At Victorian Front Door Company, we specialize in the meticulous craft of creating handcrafted stained glass. Our seasoned artisans, with years of expertise, are dedicated to maintaining the timeless tradition of stained glass artistry. They design visually stunning pieces that are not only structurally robust but also tailored to your unique vision. Whether you desire intricate floral patterns, geometric designs, or bespoke motifs, we collaborate closely with you to create a unique piece that enhances your space and adds a timeless elegance to any Edwardian front door.

Edwardian front door
Front doors in London

Etched Glass

At Victorian Front Door Company, we take pride in our meticulously crafted sandblasted and etched glass designs. Each piece is expertly created to bring sophistication to your London front door. Our dedicated artisans, with years of experience, are committed to preserving the timeless tradition of glass craftsmanship. They produce visually stunning pieces that are both structurally robust and customized to your specific vision. Sandblasted and etched glass offer endless possibilities, perfectly balancing privacy with light diffusion. This versatile option is ideal for both residential and commercial spaces, effortlessly enhancing architectural styles from Victorian and Edwardian to contemporary.

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