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The Four Panel Victorian Front Door With Glass

The four-panel Victorian front door is a classic design celebrated for its timeless elegance and smart appearance, making it an ideal fit for any Victorian house. Crafted from sustainable Accoya timber, known for its high quality and stability, the London door panels are made from Tricoya, a material similar to Accoya. The sandblasted glass in the London front door features a clear line around the edge and is constructed with laminated security glass to ensure safety. Elevate your entrance with this enduring and secure design.

If you require any other glass, door frame or anything else please write this in description field below or contact us via email or phone .

  Service description :​

  • The lead time for this door is 4-8 weeks.

  • Door thickness - 44mm or 57mm 

  • Timber -1st class Accoya

  • Panels - Tricoya

  • Glazing - 6.4mm laminated glass.

  • This door is supplied painted.(You will be asked to choose the paint colour within 7 days from the survey)

  • Individually made to order - Survey will have place within 7 days from order.

  • Available for installation in London areas or delivery only to whole UK. (Worldwide delivery also available) 

  • For the purpose of purchasing, please input approximate dimensions and description like glass preferences , door thickness , door frame dimensions if required etc.

  • Door furniture and locks are not included, these are available to chose separately. A soon you sent request we will provide you with standard range of hardware to choose.(Via email)

  • Each of our doors is individually made to order, therefore refunds are not available, once manufacture has begun. Manufacture will begin 3 days after your order is placed.

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